Morrill County Community Hospital is proud to announce the arrival of three new services "at home" which were not previously available without traveling to a nearby hospital.  These services include CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine, and MRI.  You Physician is familiar with these tests and will answer any questions about the procedures that you may have. 

These units are owned by Front Range Mobile Imaging, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Western Mobile Imaging, New Richmond, Wisconsin.  In a joint venture with Morrill County Hospital, these services will be available on a daily basis for CT and weekly for Nuclear Medicine and MRI.  These abilities for testing are a wonderful addition to the services available at MCCH.


CT Scan

CT Scan is short for Computed Tomography, an advanced technology system that studies the inner workings of your body.  With the CT Scan, your physician can "see" the inner body from the outside.  Some of the more common scans include brain, sinus, inner ear, chest, spine, abdomen, pelvis, lungs, blood vessels, liver, intestines, and bones. 

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine makes it possible to perform Thalium Stress tests for evaluation of coronary arteries, Bone Density (Dexa) for evaluation of osteoporosis.  Thyroid, gallbladder, and lungs are other organs that can be evaluated using this device. 

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MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a device that can gather detailed information about your body without using radiation.  MRI is superior to CT scan for evaluation of softer organs of your body like brain, spinal cord, joints, heart and circulatory system and other abdominal and pelvic organs. 

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